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AI data copilot fine-tuned on your database schema

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100% private Text-to-SQL data intern for every business leader to get insights in real-time

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Get 11x ROI on your data budget

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Non-technical business managers can directly query databases from GlazeGPT needing 0 intervention from your engineers or analysts.

Fine-tuned LLMs + Machine Learning = 99%+ accuracy, 0 hallucinations

Make LLMs understand your business logic

Automatically catalog your database in hours not days

with 100% privacy

Keep your data 100% private

Integrate in 30 mins with 30+ data sources

Monitor your operations with automated alerts

GlazeGPT understands the terms of your industry


Setup automated alerts without writing any code and stay on top of time-sensitive variables such as fraud rate, average error rate, average response time, platform uptime, etc. to take proactive measures.




Industry-standard text-to-SQL AI tool for enterprise analytics

with SoTA accuracy

Trusted by executives from some of the biggest global brands
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Save engineering time by using AI data intern at 1/100th the cost for your enterprise analytics

Pay-as-you-realize ROI

Annualy (Save 30%)

Frequently asked questions

Which databases does GlazeGPT support?

How does GlazeGPT ensure my data is safe and private?

Will GlazeGPT work with my messy and unformatted data?

Why should I use GlazeGPT instead of ChatGPT?

Can I see a free demo of how GlazeGPT works?

Where can I get more information regarding GlazeGPT?

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